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VIA Group as a development partner

Managerial leadership specialist

VIA Group’s consulting method emphasizes the role of leaders. We have developed tools to take leadership opportunities to a new level. VIA Leadership Academy’s training and development programs focus on building capabilities.
Experienced and innovative

Our consultants have hundreds of years of combined consulting and management experience. As a company we’ve been in business for over 35 years, which makes us one of our most experienced consulting firms in Finland. Innovation is our export; we have carried out development projects in 30 countries.

Finnish with a strong international reach

We are an international consulting company in Finland. Through our partner network, there are over 50 offices in 35 countries at the service of our customers.

A set of services that work together

We understand that complicated business challenges require a holistic approach and we’re able to provide many different types of services that are designed to work together. This means linking strategy to execution, implementing change and managing people’s commitment to it, as well as managing complex organizational structures with the help of leadership IT systems. From the beginning of our history, we have provided both consulting and education services. We’re also experienced in a company search and M&A.

An analytical researcher

We believe in analytical thinking and researched information. We have created a number of measurement and research concepts for our customers, related to leadership, management, customer relationship management and organizational performance.

We love challenges

We are able to build exactly the kind of consulting and development program your organization needs. Give us a challenge – we love solving them.